Saturday, July 20, 2024
Happening Now

Algood Waiting for Walmart’s Approval on Easement

Algood is waiting for Walmart to approve the easement needed to build a second entrance into the store on Big Mac Drive.

City Administrator Keith Morrison said he feels Walmart is happy with what the city is doing to create an entrance. However, Morrison said Walmart wants the details completely ironed out before approval.

“It’s just a matter of getting the language they want in the easement and the agreement… So, I think once we get all that ironed out I think that’s no problem,” Morrison said. “I think they’re happy with the expansion of Big Mac Drive it’s just a matter of making sure the paper work matches up on both sides and everybody’s happy with that.”

Morrison said he does not know when the city will hear back from Walmart. Morrison said this second entrance with a stop light would help the traffic flow.

“We feel the opportunity to come back to a Walmart red light and come out, will make the traffic flow a lot better in that area,” Morrison said.