Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Happening Now

Algood To Select Design Team For New Park

Algood officials will meet next week to select a design team for the city’s new park.

City Administrator Keith Morrison said the city council will be choosing from three companies that responded to requests for qualifications.

“The three companies are Clinton Engineering, Gresham Smith, and Kimley-Horn,” Morrison said. “We’re looking at their specialized experience, past records of performance, and capabilities of the firm to perform the work within the time limitations.”

Morrison said council members will actually be selecting two of the firms when they meet Tuesday evening.

“In the event that we can’t come to an agreement with a company during the negotiation process, we would drop down to the second pick based on the most qualified company to do the job.”

Morrison said he hopes to have the master plan completed by spring 2019.

“They are going to be having public meetings and meeting with the council to lay out a master design plan for the park,” Morrison said. “They will talk about where everything should be put and help us lay out a timeline to develop the park.”

The master plan being funded by a grant through the Tennessee Department of Health. The city council purchased the 21.5 acre property last year for $767,000.

The park will be located on Main Street just before Thompson Lane and extend to Mill Street and Highway 111.