Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Happening Now

Algood Ranked 22nd Safest City in TN

A study has ranked Algood as the 22nd safest city in Tennessee.

Algood Police Chief Dale Armour said he feels proud about the ranking.

“I’m excited about it. Of course, everybody would like for it to be in the top one position, but at 22 we have a lot going on. We have had a lot of changes in the department in the last thirteen months, and we continue,” Armour said. “I do want to emphasize that we could not do that without the citizens here, by them calling us and giving us the information we need to protect them.”

Safe-Wise, a consumer advocate group, conducted research on 124 cities across Tennessee. The study also reported on public opinion polls on concerns of Tennessee residents.

A press release indicates that property crimes concern 22% of Tennessee residents.

Armour said the survey reflects his daily experience in the department.

“We have a lot of property crimes here and most of our property crimes are shoplifting calls,” Armour said. “It is not necessarily thefts from a residence or a car, but we have those. But shoplifting calls seem to be one of the highest ones.”

Armour said the department thrives with the participation of Algood citizens.

“I hope it gives them a little more peace of mind as far as the police department. [We] are working doing the best we can, but again we cannot do it without them helping us. And a successful mutual working relationship with the citizens.”

Armour said the Algood Police Department is offering to speak with citizens about security concerns.