Monday, June 27, 2022
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Algood Police Revives ‘Vacation Watch’ Program

The Algood Police Department (APD) is offering routine security checks to residents while on vacation.

The program ‘Vacation Watch’ allows officers to periodically check a property for any suspicious activity.

APD Chief Dale Armour said the program gives area residents peace of mind.

“It’s one less thing for them to worry about while they’re on vacation,” Armour said. “We don’t mind going out and providing that service to them.”

Armour said the idea came about after reviewing old policies when hired in January. A similar policy had previously been in place, but featured no official documentation.

Armour said officers will only be checking on the exterior of properties, and will do so at irregular times.

“We’re not going to water the plants or feed the dog or anything like that,” Armour said. “All we’re going to do is check and make sure your residence is still secure and still the way you left it.”

Armour said each check-in will be documented in the case of an incident so a timeline may be established.

Residents can fill out the form at under the ‘Algood Police Department’ tab. The form lets APD know of departure and return dates, alarm services, and vehicles on the property.

Residents can also leave a local contact in case of an emergency and let APD know if they have access to the property.