Monday, December 16, 2019
Happening Now

Algood Police Department Standardizes Uniforms

The Algood Police Department decided to standardize officer uniforms.

Dale Armour is the Algood Chief of Police.

“In the past, the police department has had a five hundred dollar clothing allowance per an officer. They were able to spend it on clothing that they needed. I have suspended that,” Armour said. “Our uniforms are going to be standardized now. We were able to secure a contract. We are piggybacking off of Knoxville Police Department’s buying power.”

Armour said standardizing the uniforms will save the department money in the new fiscal year.

“So we are saving about twenty-eight percent off of retail for our uniforms now,” Armour said. “So the money that is normally budgeted for officer uniforms is now going into a more dedicated, where we know what is being bought and what we have.”

The money will go into the general fund for the Algood Police Department.