Thursday, February 27, 2020
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Algood Picks TCAT Livingston For Farmer’s Market Project

A local vocational school will build the Algood farmer’s market.

City Administrator Keith Morrison said he’s gearing up to negotiate a construction agreement with TCAT Livingston.

“What we will need to do is follow their purchasing guidelines. Since they’re a government entity, they’ll have purchasing guidelines,” Morrison said. “They probably already have negotiated prices under contract for materials. We would need to make sure they are meeting those, and then all we’re doing is reimbursing the cost of materials under a state contract of some sorts.”

City Council voted Tuesday night to let Morrison move forward with the negotiating process.

The city originally agreed to let a local contractor build the facility for cost of materials only. Morrison said the agreement eventually fell through.

“His original cost estimate was $50,000. When I asked him for a follow-up, his cost estimate was $60,000,” Morrison said. “He made it clear that the $60,000 included the material plus labor with no profit margin.”

Morrison also noted that selecting the contractor would require a competitive bid process to be followed.

At least one council member had concerns about liability insurance and structural risks associated with TCAT conducting the project. Mayor Lisa Chapman-Fowler said that would not be an issue because the facility would have to pass all city codes requirements.

“It would also have to be inspected,” Chapman-Fowler said. “Our building inspector would be there to check in every now and then.”

The city has already completed some preliminary work for the farmer’s market, including the installation of underground electric.