Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Happening Now

Algood Looks To Add Garbage Truck in Next Budget

Algood is looking to add a third garbage truck to its fleet with a dual use vehicle.

City Administrator Keith Morrison said this would be a smaller truck for residential use that could be a backup for commercial pick ups. Morrison said this truck is built similar to the commercial truck, but is small enough to fit into neighborhood roads.

“We’re estimating about $250,000,” Morrison said. “One of the things we try and look at is making sure they’re on a good replacement schedule and then also getting as much use out of them as we can. So, if this allows us an option to be a back up for another truck that keeps me from having to have quite as much equipment just sitting on the yard.”

Morrison said adding a new garbage truck would be for the July 1 fiscal year budget. He said adding a third truck helps keep everything covered if a truck goes out of service.

“The current residential truck that we run, is what they call a sidearm truck,” Morrison said. “It only picks up the residential trashcans. It’s got some age on it, it’s been here for about 8 years now.”