Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Happening Now

Algood Finalizing Sewer Easements For Enhancement Project

A total of three sewer easements remain before Algood can begin a major water and sewer rehabilitation project in town.

Keith Morrison is the City Administrator in Algood.

“We are real close to finalizing the easements and as soon as those are done that project is ready to move forward,” Morrison said. “I have a feeling in the next couple of weeks we will be ready to move forward. We are knocking on the door right now.”

The project is being funded by a $1.89 million loan from USDA Rural Development. The city will be providing $210,000 towards the final project price.

Morrison said the work will help improve hydrant flow from city hall all the way across Main Street to Mirandy Road. A sewer station will also be added behind Brookside Drive to carry gravity fed sewer line from Arbor Place, Oakhaven Place, Old Walton Circle, Old Walton Road and up to Dry Valley.