Saturday, August 17, 2019
Happening Now

Algood Council Amends Zoning Code

Algood City Council on Tuesday placed restrictions on multi-family use and planned residential developments (PRD).

Council approved an ordinance preventing such developments from locating in certain zoning districts.

Business owner Eric Walker said he opposed the changes because they prohibit the redevelopment of property.

“This doesn’t just go after multi-family apartments, it doesn’t allow for any approvals of planned residential areas or thing that the council or planning commission might consider otherwise,” Walker said. “In a way, it devalues the properties because it’s sending a message that we can’t purchase property and redevelop it.”

The zoning changes keep PRD’s out of all districts and remove multi-uses from areas zoned R-1 and C-A. Areas zoned R-2 and R-D will be limited to 1 duplex per 18,000 square feet.

Walker said that keeps him from redeveloping his construction company on Dry Valley Road.

“We had in mind that we would operate out of there and hopefully develop it in the future. The changes to the zoning code prohibit us from doing that,” Walker said. “It would have to remain, for our purposes, a construction company in a highly residential area and the property is not designed where single-family homes would be as viable in that area.”

City officials said the zoning changes will control growth and density within zoning districts.