Monday, October 2, 2023
Happening Now

Algood City Council Bids Out 2021 Paving Work

Algood City Council approved a bid at some $142,923 for their 2021 street paving projects.

The Tinsley Asphalt LLC. group ranked lowest out of three companies who bid on the project. City Administrator Keith Morrison said that in bidding out to Tinsley, work would not be done on Mill Street.

“It’ll have to come up in this upcoming fiscal year. I don’t think it can be pushed off any further,” Morrison said. “Mr. Jones’ crew has done a lot of drainage work and tile work and fixed where the road was breaking off on the edges and one a lot of work to widen it.”

Morrison said that the inclusion of construction on Mill Street in Tinsley’s original bid was an error and that they would not honor that part of their bid. 

Tinsley will pave and stripe several roads, including Dry Valley Road, Quinland Lake and First Avenue, among others.

“We’ve got a long-range plan on streets to pave, and we’ve paved about 25 or 30 streets since I’ve been here, and we try to continually pave them to chip away at that list,” Morrison said. “We were holding out this year hoping to get Big Mac Drive Extension done and that’s just taking a little longer so we decided to go ahead and spend the money we had here that we had saved up so we can try and get a few more of those streets knocked off the list.”

Morrison said construction traffic should be minimal, and that the money with already appropriated work is expected to be finished quickly. Other bids came from the Rogers Group and Copeland Dirt Rock and Paving. This will be Algood’s first time working with Tinsley.

Also Tuesday night, the Council approved the the return of the Algood Ball Fields from Putnam County.

Mayor Lisa Chapman-Fowler said that Algood is in a place where they can maintain the fields on their own and with their own money. Fowler said while it has not been made official, they are hopeful Putnam County will deed the Ball Fields back to the city.

Fowler said that the County Commission will have to approve that transfer. She said she believes is on the agenda for the next Putnam County Commission meeting.