Monday, October 2, 2023
Happening Now

Algood City Council Approves Contract For Big Mac Dr. Extension

Algood City Council approved awarding a $476,490 contract for the extension of Big Mac Drive at its Tuesday night meeting.

In approving the contract, the council also approved a change order that reduces the cost of the work by some $25,000. City Administrator Keith Morrison said the change order alters the scope of work from using a concrete box culvert to an aluminum arch.

“It would be essentially the same overall achievement,” Morrison said. “It will reduce the footprint in that wetlands so there won’t be as much effect so it would be more natural area underneath. And it would also reduce the price.”

Morrison said the intent of the extension is to relieve traffic near Walmart on Main Street. To fund the work, he said the council will explore several different funding mechanisms at next month’s meeting.

The plans call for a two-lane road that would extend the road past Zaxby’s, connect to the back of the Walmart parking lot, and install a stop sign.

Vice Mayor Luke Hill asked if with the addition of lanes, has there been any discussion of adding another traffic light. Morrison said there has not been discussion of another light, but they do have a request out at an engineering firm to see what a traffic study would cost for that intersection.

“I think this is a very positive thing to do,” Council Member Ron Graves said. “I think it’s going to not necessarily relieve all the congestion but it will make it safer for some of us old folks to come around through Walmart and get to a red light.”