Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Happening Now

Algood Awards Bid For 2021 Sidewalk, Concrete Projects

Algood selected a bid winner for sidewalk and concrete projects at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

The winner is Affordable Driveways and Patios of Cookeville. City Administrator Keith Morrison said Algood has used Affordable Driveways and Patios for a few years.

“They do good work, they stay busy,” Morrison said. “So, we have to keep on them to keep their schedule full with us too. We’ve been able to accomplish quite a bit with what they’ve worked out for us.”

Affordable Driveways and Patios quoted a price $10.75 cheaper than the other other bidder for a typical sidewalk. The bid winner quoted an installation price of $2.25 per square foot on a 4″ thick typical sidewalk.

The installation items in Algood included sidewalks, driveway crossings, concrete curbs and pedestrian ramps. Morrison said the market price for concrete will be added into the installation price.

Morrison said the city keeps a sidewalk/concrete vendor on contract to deal with issues that arise during the year as well as those areas in the city’s master plan. This contract will be valid through the end of the year.