Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Happening Now

Alderman Coleman Wants Next Administration To Consider Term Limits

Livingston Alderman Kelly Coleman said he encourages the new administration to take a further look into term limits.

Coleman rolls off the Board of Aldermen after four years. He introduced the idea this summer but no action was taken before his term expired.

“Making a career out of serving on any local board is maybe not the wisest and best interest for the community,” Coleman said. “I support fresh ideas. I think change is healthy.”

Coleman said he sees the city’s charter as outdated compared to others. Coleman said he would like to see term limits similar to Cookeville or Crossville. Currently, there are no term limits for Livingston mayor and aldermen.

“There’s no mechanism for the citizens to recall one of our city officials, and I think that is a flaw of our charter as well as term limits,” Coleman said. “So I believe there are many things in our charter that needs to be addressed. I encourage the new Board to think about these things and what is best for the community long term.”

Coleman said he also understands some concerns by residents. Coleman said sometimes a community has an excellent mayor or alderman that has to leave the board since the term limit was reached. Coleman said there are pros and cons, but in general, he believes term limits are standard these days.