Monday, May 25, 2020
Happening Now

Airport Board Proposes Change To T-Hangar Lease Agreements

The Upper Cumberland Regional Airport Board has proposed a change that would require T-hangars to house “airworthy” aircraft.

Airport manager Dean Selby said the proposal would tie an aircraft to each lease agreement.

“We don’t want someone leasing a hangar, selling their aircraft, and then using that hangar for storage of miscellaneous materials,” Selby said. “I don’t know if we really have a problem with that. We’ve had a couple of them that have taken a long time to fill back up, but we also don’t have a good count of what we have. By doing this, I will know who is on the field and what aircraft is on the field.”

Under the proposal, a leasee who sells an aircraft would have 90-days to have another aircraft occupying the hangar. Airplanes under construction would be considered “airworthy”. Selby said the board’s proposal would also eliminate a clause that allows hangars to be subleased.

“This has been an issue that has plagued airports for years. Trying to police if hangars are being used for the proper purposes,” Selby said. “I think this is a logical way of doing it. if we make a mistake we can undo it in the future.”

The airport attorney will draft a new lease agreement to be reviewed by the board at a later date.