Friday, May 25, 2018
Happening Now

Abston Memorial Ride Allows All Vehicles This Year

Organizers with the Jerry Dale Abston Memorial Ride have opened registration up to any vehicle.

Casey Flatt said it made sense to include everyone who wanted to participate.

“We usually say it’s kickstands up, but we’re opening it up this year to vehicles also, we’ve had so many people wanting to get involved with it  that didn’t have motorcycles so we’re opening it to all vehicles, Jeeps, Corvettes, trucks, anyone that wants to be in it now,” Flatt said.

Proceeds from the event go to help first responders who are dealing with a crisis. Flatt said they’ve donated the money to officer who have sustained injury or illness in the past.

“We just give it to police officers, sheriff’s department any kind of law enforcement or emergency services people that are in need at the time,” Flatt said.

This year, registration begins at 8 a.m. Saturday in the back parking lot at the Country Inn & Suites on Jefferson Avenue. Registration is $20 per vehicle. The ride leaves at 10 a.m. and returns for live music and food.

For more information, contact Casey Flatt at 931-303-3894, or, or Jeff Jones at 931-372-9123, or